JVR Nested Tips

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Typeclear, non-conductive
SBS CompatibleYes
StorageNested in Stacks of 10
Size200 ul
Compatible InstrumentTecan ™ systems: Aquarius, GenMate, Te-Stack, MCA and the *LiHA arms. Biomek FX, NX, DynamicDevices Lynx
JVR non-sterileT1002N
JVR sterileT1002SN
Compatible Part Numbers30048824

JVR Nested Tips

The JVR rack tips come in either sterile or non-sterile.

The 200 ul tip supports the standard maximum volume for the MCA96 and pipettes volumes down to a single ul.  Konnis has performed extensive testing on the JVR tips, and recommends their use with the Tecan Liha*, and MCA96.

Tips are packaged with 96 Tips/Rack. Stacked 10 High, 10 Stacks/Case. 9600 Tips.  Stack is nested in a 96 deepwell plate.

* Use with LiHa arm

To use JVR tips with the LiHa pipetting arm the tip cone must be switched to the JVR tip cone.

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