JVR Racked Tips - Conductive

Part Numbers
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SBS CompatibleYes
StorageDeepwell Plate
Compatible InstrumentTecan ™ systems: Aquarius, GenMate, Te-Stack, MCA and the *LiHA arms. Biomek FX, NX
JVR non-sterileT1001C
JVR sterileT1001SC
Compatible Part NumbersNot Applicable

JVR Racked Tips – Conductive

The JVR racked tips come in either sterile or non-sterile.

The 200 ul tip supports the standard maximum volume for the MCA96 and pipettes volumes down to a single ul.  Konnis has performed extensive testing on the JVR tips, and recommends their use with the Tecan Liha*, and MCA96.

Tips are packaged with 96 Tips/Rack. 1 Racks/Unit. 50 Units/Case. 4800 tips.

* Use with LiHa arm

To use JVR tips with the LiHa pipetting arm the tip cone must be switched to the JVR tip cone.  The JVR tip cone allows the Liha and the MCA96 arm to use the same tips, thereby increasing the available storage capacity of tips on the deck.  The conductive tips allow the LiHa to use the automated liquid sensing feature and also perform well with the MCA96 without liquid sensing.

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