PerkinElmer Varispan

Part Numbers
Tip Quote
TypeClear/Conductive, Filtered/non-Filtered, Sterile/ non-Sterile
SBS compatibleNo
StorageStandard hanging rack
SizeSee Table Below
Compatible InstrumentsPerkinElmer/Packard Janus/Multiprobe HT & Multiprobe HT EX
Compatible Part NumbersSee Next Tab
Compatible Part numbers (Konnis Part number listed in Table below.)
20 ul2256-R96, 2756, 2256-R96S
50 ul30032114,1181-5709, 1128-5819, TT-50-CBK-HTR, TT-50-CBK-HTR-36, TT-50-C-HTR, 2257-R96, 2257-R96S
200 ul10612552, 10612553, 30000629, 1181-0709, 1181-0700, 1128-0819, TT-200-CBK-HTR-36, TT-200-C-HTR, TT-200-C-HTR-36, 2758, 2258-R96, 2258-r96s
1000 ul10612554, 10612513, 10612555, 30000631, 1181-2709, 1128-2810, 1128-2819, TT-1000-CBK-HTR, TT-1000-CBK-HTR-24, 2259-R96, 2759, 2259-R96S

PerkinElmer Varispan

The Perkin Elmer compatible tips are for use with the 8 channel Varispan pipetting arms. Disposable hanging rack tips require tip carriers for the deck. If deck space is at a premium, stacked tips may be an option. Note filtered or barrier tips can not be stacked.

Please indicate Konnis part number from the table below when ordering.

Conductive PerkinElmer Compatible Tips

20 ulKT1-R20CFKT1-R20CKT1-R20CFS
50 ulKT1-R50CFKT1-R50CKT1-R50CFS
200 ulKT1-R200CFKT1-R200CKT1-R200CFS
1000 ulKT1-R1000CFKT1-R1000CKT1-R1000CFS

Non-conductive PerkinElmer Compatible Tips

20 ulKT1-R20FKT1-R20KT1-R20FS
50 ulKT1-R50FKT1-R50KT1-R50FS
200 ulKT1-R200FKT1-R200KT1-R200FS
1000 u.KT1-R1000FKT1-R1000KT1-R1000FS
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