Tecan LiHa

These automation pipette tips are compatible with Tecan® tips for use with the LiHa 1, LiHa 4 & LiHa 8 pipetting arms. Disposable hanging rack tips require tip carriers for the deck. If deck space is at a premium, stacked tips may be an option. Note filtered or barrier tips can not be stacked.

  • Hanging Racks: 96 tips per rack, dual interleaved, 10 racks/case, 10 cases/box,  9600 tips/box.

Please indicate Konnis part number from the table below when ordering.

Conductive Tecan compatible tips

SizeNon-FilteredConductive Filtered Sterile
20 ulKT1-20CKT1-R20CFS
50 ulKT1-R50CKT1-R50CFS
200 ulKT1-R200CKT1-R200CFS
1000 ulKT1-R1000CKT1-R1000CFS

Non-Conductive Tecan compatible tips

SizeNon-FilteredFiltered Sterile
20 ulKT1-R20KT1-R20FS
50 ulKT1-R50KT1-R50FS
200 ulKT1-R200KT1-R200FS
1000 ulKT1-R1000KT1-R1000FS

Compatible Part
Tip Quote
TypeClear/Conductive, Filtered/non-Filtered, Sterile/ non-Sterile
SBS CompatibleNo
StorageStandard hanging rack
SizeSee Table below
Compatible InstrumentsTecan ™ EVO, Freedom EVO, Genesis Freedom, Miniprep
Compatible Part NumbersSee next Tab
Compatible Part Numbers.
20 ul2256-R96, 2756, 2256-R96S, P64-236
50 ul30032114,1181-5709, 1128-5819, TT-50-CBK-HTR, TT-50-CBK-HTR-36, TT-50-C-HTR, 2257-R96, 2257-R96S, P64-256, P64-257, P64-259
200 ul10612552, 10612553, 30000629, 1181-0709, 1181-0700, 1128-0819, TT-200-CBK-HTR-36, TT-200-C-HTR, TT-200-C-HTR-36, 2758, 2258-R96, 2258-r96s, P64-267, P64-266, P64-275
1000 ul10612554, 10612513, 10612555, 30000631, 1181-2709, 1128-2810, 1128-2819, TT-1000-CBK-HTR, TT-1000-CBK-HTR-24, 2259-R96, 2759, 2259-R96S, P64-287, P64-286, P64-297



tecan tips for Liha arm LiHa 1000 ul tip conductive LiHa 200 ul tip conductive LiHa 200 ul Non-conductive Tecan compatible conductive and clear tips Disposable tip carrier for racked diti tips
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