Tecan instruments are highly configurable.  Instruments can be configured with 1 to 3 arms.  The most typical arm is mounted on the left side of the instrument and is frequently the LiHa 8 pipetting arm.  The center arm being an MCA or RoMA and the right arm either a RoMa or Pick & Place.  With each arm having a specific function and range of motion it is essential to design the deck layout to optimize the assay throughput by taking advantage of the arm’s capabilities and limitations.

Arm Configuration

The configuration of the arms is dependent upon the process to be performed.  For instance a library prep assay may only use  1 MCA96 arm where a more complex process may need a LiHa 8 to pipette, and a RoMA  and Pick & Place (PnP) to move plates and tubes around the deck.  This high level of configurability is why Konnis preps each instrument with a baseline configuration and then builds the instrument per customer specification.

See the PnP fingers, custom by Konnisdetailed parts page for the Konnis custom PnP fingers that can grip 8ml to 20ml vials.   Designed and manufactured to your specifications.

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