Low Diti Eject™

Part Numbers
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Dimension Value / SitesNA
SBS/SLAS CompatibleNA
Grid UsageNA
Compatible ConsumableAll sizes of racked or hanging tips for LiHA™: 20, 50, 200, 300, 1000 (uL)
Compatible InstrumentTecan – Freedom EVO™ series, Genesis™ series
Power RequredPower from Instrument
Konnis part number10613013
Compatible Part10613012

Low Diti Eject

The low diti eject™ device is not required when using disposable tips but recommended to help prevent aerosols from ejection of the tips.  The low diti eject™  is activated on the LiHa™ arm after it  lowers the tips just into the waste chute.  Once activated it provides a lower vertical ejection point to allow the system to dislodge the tips into the chute with minimum vertical drop.  The Konnis clear cover is a helpful option since there is visibility into the chute to identify possible jams prior to causing tip eject issues.

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