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Dimension Value / Sites6 positions or 4 position
SBS/SLAS CompatibleYes
Grid UsageNA
Compatible ConsumableSBS microplates, Deep-well plates (4 position)
Compatible InstrumentTecan – Freedom EVO series, Genesis series
Power Requred24 V/DC
Konnis part number10612679
Compatible part


The incubator comes in either a 6 position incubator or a 4 position incubator.

  • Ambient to 37, 46, 60°C
  • With or without shaking

4 position incubator options include the above plus gassing inlets for CO2 or N2 circulation.

Maximize heat transfer with the Konnis PCR microplate temp adapter.

Get maximum heat transfer in minimum time.  Show above in incubator where it stays at temperature.

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