Konnis Flat Microplate Carriers

Part Numbers
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Dimensions Value / Sites4 position, Landscape
SBS/SLAS CompatibleYes
Grids Usage6
Compatible ConsumablesNA
Compatible InstrumentTecan
MaterialMilled alluminum
FinishAnodized aluminum, color selectable
Konnis 4 positionAP061601A Modular Standard, K061504A Single milled piece non-std.
Konnis 3 positionAP061602A
Konnis 2 position portraitAP061603A
Compatible Parts10290377, 30011854, 10613007, 10612605

Microplate Flat Carrier – by Konnis

The Konnis Flat Microplate Carrier is an improved carrier for the Tecan deck.  Konnis designed in a number of additional features:

  • Increased thickness equating to increase in flatness, 42% thicker
  • Precision milled in USA, with milled SBS locations
  • Inset pockets for aid in gripping microplates in either portrait or landscape. (Single milled option – no additional microplate holder required.)
  • Hidden milled pockets for Tecan deck compatibility, option for portrait mode, pockets don’t go through the plate hence aid in cleaning.
  • Engraved locations and colored anodizing are optional
  • Available in 2, 3, or 4 positions

The standard Konnis Microplate Carriers are modular with a black base plate that acts as the deck adapter with either nests or other carriers attached with two screws.  This design allows for a consistent base plate (shown in black) that can have various carriers and adapters mounted on top.  The most common is the microplate nest, shown in both green and blue anodized.  The flat microplate carrier comes in 4 position and 3 position configured as landscape and 2 position portrait.

Konnis has also designed an all in one milled carrier.  Shown here color coded to reduce human error in a complex assay.

Reduce Human error

The instrument is only good as the researcher who is setting up the runs. Human error can be greatly reduced by implementing creative labeling of carriers.  These SBS compatible carriers use the following keying:

  • Color code
  • Plate position labels
  • Underside placement key

Konnis will customize your carriers for any specific assay.

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