refurbished Tecan® Genesis 200 for sale

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Dimension80.7"L x 30.7"W x 34.5”H
PowerLine Voltage: 100 – 240 VAC
Deck AccessoriesSelectable
FastwashOptional - recommended
CarriersOrdered separately
Number of grids69
ControllerWindows PC, mouse, keyboard, monitor
TableExtruded Aluminum Table w/ locking wheels, optional
ModelFreedom Genesis 200
Serial NumberIdentified at Purchase

Tecan® Genesis 200

The used Tecan® genesis 200 liquid handling system is shown with 2 arms, recirculating water bath, shaker, plate reader, plate washer, storage and birdfeeder trough, all selectable devices. The Genesis™ 200 includes an 8 channel pipetting arm with independent z-axis movement and symmetrically variable y-axis tip spacing configured as either standard or disposable tips. Optional arms include the RoMa™ arm as shown.  (See our FAQ for descriptions of these arms) .  Depending on the assay there is an array of deck hardware that may be configured and integrated onto the instrument.   These include barcode scanners (PosID2™), shaker, deck storage, temperature control stations, reader, and weigh station, for example.  There is typically a requirement for some number of carriers to  hold various types of plates, tips, or tubes which can be purchased from Konnis.  Some are shown here.  All instruments are configured with a Windows computer loaded with either Gemini™ and can be scripted for specific assays.  An extruded aluminum table with locking wheels is optional.  All instruments are fully refurbished in excellent condition and come with a warranty. Application training is also included and may be extended to assist in specific script development.

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