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Mission Statement

Timely delivery of quality affordable services and products that meet the demanding requirements of the automation generation.

Solutions for the Automation Generation ®


Konnis, LLC was started in 2006 from a vision of providing  higher quality service and repairs for the Tecan® line of liquid handling instruments.  Konnis® was fueled by the idea that quality could be affordable and the end users desired a third party independent service provider.  Starting out as a service and repair organization, Konnis has evolved into a full fledged machining and manufacturing company.  With a cumulative 30+ years of liquid handling automation experience the Konnis team is excited to rise to the challenge of creating solutions for the life sciences market.

Our Message

Konnis does not attempt to be the “jack of all trades”  we are focused on liquid handling instruments, their consumables and accessories. That is why our customers have selected us and stay with us for their liquid handing needs.

Our Services

Konnis offerings include:

  • Fully refurbished and tested complete Instruments
  • Instrument customization and system integration
  • Computer aided manufacturing – Standard and Custom Parts
  • Custom Application Programming
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Full Service Contacts
  • Training
  • Trade-Ins

With attention to detail and decades of experience servicing, programming, integrating, and customizing liquid handling instruments, Konnis provides expertise in the following areas:

  • Service and repair for your Tecan® instrument (Freedom EVO, Genesis Freedom, Genesis RSP, TeMo)
  • Carrier design for Beckman®, Hamilton®, Tecan® instruments
  • Beckman® ALPS design
  • Robot parts (discontinued and hard to find items)
  • Solid Modeling
  • CNC Milling
  • 3D Milling
  • Prototyping

Konnis is an independent 3rd party service provider not affiliated with any specific original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Using Rapid Prototyping, We build what you need

Traditional carriers and adapters for automation may not meet the requirements to fully automate the assay.  Click on the image below to watch our example of rapid prototyping to design and manufacture exactly what your automation process requires.

Agilent valve box with drip trays

Design Process for Agilent Valve Box with Drip tray

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