Service, Repair, Training for your Tecan® Liquid Handlers

Konnis® is an independent, third party service provider of instrument service, annual PMs, and liquid handling robot repair on your Tecan® liquid handlers from the Freedom EVO to the Genesis Freedom and Aquarius / TeMo.  Our warehouse contains instruments, deck accessories and parts for instruments we sell and support.  The Konnis philosophy is to hold redundant inventory, if it is under contract we have it on the shelf,  this ensures speedy repair or replacement.  With a large inventory of current and obsolete parts, Konnis will keep your liquid handling robot running smoothly so you can focus on the science.

Each Konnis Field Service Engineer (FSE) has over a decade of experience servicing Tecan® liquid handlers.  This means you always get a seasoned FSE performing your maintenance or repair. We are competitively priced offering the highest value for service on your Tecan®, Tecan® PMs and repair. Konnis specializes in service on Tecan® liquid handling instruments, and therefore has intimate knowledge of their functionality, operation, customization and integration requirements.

We even offer remote diagnostics and training to limit your need for travel.

Tecan® is a registered trademark of Tecan Group Ltd.  Konnis, LLC.  is a third party provider of service, components, and consumables, and is not affiliated with Tecan.

Learn about our support programs:

Full Service PM                Inspection Elective PM

A sample of available services:

  • Installation and testing
  • Preventative maintenance (PM Kits Available)
  • Arm repair, calibration and alignment
  • Volumetric calibration and testing
  • 3rd Party Tecan® instrument Service
  • Advanced Exchange repair for your Tecan® instrument automation devices:
    • Roma(tm)
    • LiHA(tm)
    • PosID(tm)
    • Dilutor (XP3000, XP3000 Plus)
    • Six way valves
    • Fastwash pump
    • MCA(tm)
    • Training for your existing system

Training on your Tecan® Liquid Handler

GeminiScript, Tecan service with trainingKonnis offers the best comprehensive training of any third party provider. We offer full liquid handling softwware training on Gemini(tm), EVOware(tm), EVOware Plus(tm), Integration of Worklists, and more. We encourage customers to bring their assay to the training and work on their real wold project while we are there to assist.

Training does not stop when you leave the training session.  Become a full service customer and take advantage of call-in assistance while you are programming your Tecan® instrument.

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