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Konnis delivers quality refurbished liquid handling instruments, integrated automation devices, and machined carriers at affordable prices.  Whether you need an entire instrument or a carrier/adapter for a piece of labware, Konnis uses top quality materials and methodologies to produce durable products that we are proud to put our name on.

Pipette Tips

Konnis offers a comprehensive group of pipette tips and lab consumables. Additionally, with the many years of application support we can help you select the consumable an assist in taking an application from the benchtop to an instrument.

Are you having supply issues with your current labware? Would you like a competitive quote on your consumables, or looking to get on e standing order program to save you money? Contact us.

Carriers and Adapters

If you have a need for a specific part that you can not find, Konnis can design and build it. Our precision machine shop capabilities include; 3D modeling, CNC milling, CNC lathe, 3D printing, and solid modeling. Konnis uses rapid prototyping to create and redesigned parts in our automated manufacturing center. Our parts can be machined to tight tolerance, true precision manufacturing!

Browse some of our most popular products here. But if you don’t see exactly what you need please contact us and we can build it!

Refurbished Instruments

When purchasing an instrument, price is frequently one of the top three decision factors. But first and foremost the instrument must be able to perform the processes it was intended to automate. This is where knowledge of your assay along with experience in automation become key. Our design team works with each customer to ensure the most appropriate instrument is configured that will meet the requirements for the least cost. When working with Konnis you are ensured the instrument has all the features required without costly extras that do not add value. Konnis refurbishes used Tecan® liquid handling equipment. We also sell used Hamilton® instruments, used Agilent® instruments, and used Beckman® instruments

Automation Devices

Konnis stocks a large inventory of used automation devices such as bar code scanners, scales, shakers, temp controllers, plate readers, and a wide variety of other accessories. Each device is installed, calibrated and tested to ensure it meets specification. Automation devices can be purchased individually or integrated into an instrument. Some of the most common devices can be found on our site, if you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us regarding our full inventory.

When you need a special adapter

Sometimes what is generally available just does not meet your needs. Something as simple as aspirating 100% of a sample is possible when pipetting by hand but can be difficult when automating this task. A simple solution, just tilt the tube – the Konnis custom tube rack makes this possible.

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