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Service/Maintenance Programs for your Tecan® Liquid Handler

Cost effective Service Agreements and Preventative Maintenance (PM)

Konnis® is and independent, third party service provider of instrument service, annual PMs, and liquid handling robot repair on your Tecan® liquid handlers from the Freedom EVO to the Genesis Freedom and Aquarius / TeMo.  Konnis strives to meet your time and budget goals while delivering exceptional quality and value.  Our Field Service Engineers (FSE) each have over 15 years experience servicing Tecan®  liquid handling robots.  If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for in one of our programs below, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our service goals:

  • Repair whenever possible to extend the life of your instrument investment
  • Provide timely accurate work
  • Keep your Tecan® liquid handling instrument in top condition so you can focus on the science
  • Improve assay automation through creative carrier design and application programming


Our in-house lab has multiple robots set up for test and verification of processes and to reproduce support scenarios. Instrument options such as bar code scanners, scales, shakers, temp controllers, low diti ejects and various other devices are installed, calibrated and tested to ensure they meet specification. There is rarely a question that we can not answer or simply go into the lab and try.

Konnis On Call Repair – Even if you are not under a Service Agreement or on a PM schedule with Konnis, use our online form or call to schedule an on-site repair.

Tecan® is a registered trademark of Tecan Group.  Konnis is a third party service provider with no affiliation to the OEM Tecan®.

Full Service Contract

Highest Value – $$$

The Konnis Full PM (Fpm) is a full service contract that covers parts and labor on your instrument for 1 year, one PM, hotline support, with travel included. Konnis holds redundant inventory of your instrument. If anything should occur with your instrument, Konnis will be on-site to resolve the issue quickly. Our primary goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible.  Remote login is another option in some cases to expedite some software repairs. Initiate requests through the Service Request form or by simply calling Konnis directly. Ask about our multi-year option for additional savings. Two PM/year service contracts are available upon request. Fpm discounts available.

Annual PM w/quote for Repairs

Mid Range – $$

Konnis Annual PM (Apm) with repairs quoted on an as needed basis. The annual preventative maintenance is tracked and scheduled on an annual basis. Repair is done via the request for service quotation and will be scheduled upon receipt of a PO. The annual PM is intended to keep the instrument in top working condition and head off possible service issues that may arise. If the Tecan® instrument is in high use consider scheduling 2 PMs per year. Discounts are available on other services when you use Konnis for your Apm.

Inspection w/Elective PM

Low Range – $

Utilize the Konnis Inspection with Elective Preventative Maintenance (IEpm) Program when the budget is tight.  This option is intended for infrequently used instruments or when budget is an issue. The IEpm program can save time and money.  The Field Service Engineer (FSE) inspects the instrument and looks for proper condition of components and operation.  A gravimetric test is done using a Mettler® balance providing a report of pipetting performance.  (keep in mind that the liquid class settings being used for your gravimetric test may not be used in your protocol.  Always verify your liquid handling settings for your assay)

Gravimetric Test, optional

Do you want to check the pipetting ability of your system, test out a liquid class, or get a calibration test report? Unlike dye-based tests we can run a gravimetric test integrated directly on the deck of your liquid handler using the liquid classes that you pipette with.

This provides Konnis the unique ability to evaluate any type of liquid being pipetted in your actual protocol with results in real time.

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