Is a Tecan Genesis compatible with Windows 7?

We recently came across a customer who had this question and was convinced the only solution was to purchase a new instrument.  They had been told that a Genesis instrument was not compatible with Windows 7.  We wanted to set the record straight.  The answer is: YES, a Genesis automated liquid handler running Gemini is compatible with Windows 7.

Windows 7 for Gemini

Tecan Genesis - Toxicology There is no need to purchase a new instrument.  You simply need a computer running Windows 7 with the appropriate communication ports to support the Tecan Genesis instrument.  The Win7 PC should be installed with Gemini, then move over your instrument configuration folder.  It’s very straight forward.  If you need assistance Konnis can supply the correct PC and switch your Genesis instrument over to Windows 7 for you.

There are various reasons you may need a new liquid handler, but moving off of Windows XP is not one of them.  Let us know if you need help, email service@konnis.com.  Konnis also offers service and maintenance plans for your Tecan Genesis instrument.

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Magnetic Bead Block – Custom when needed

Magnetic Beads allow the separation and purification of cells, proteins, nucleic acids, and other molecules in a very efficient manner.  It is used commonly in forensics for DNA extraction and used in many DNA/RNA/Protein purification kits.  Depending on the labware for the particular process the appropriate contact is necessary between the walls of the well and the magnet.  There are instances where post style magnet blocks are very effective but times when very small sample size in Eppendorf plate requires an exact dimension ring magnet to ultimate separation.

Bead separation   Bead separation   

We can design the correct mag bead block for the microplate and volumes required by your assay.  See more.

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Announcing Konnis Modular Deck Carriers

Close up of SBS trough adapter

SBS Trough adapter in center position of carrier

3 position microplate carrier for Tecan deck

Configured as a 3 position microplate carrier

Konnis has designed a modular deck adapter base plate that can be reconfigured with different carriers for various purposes.  The black flat base plate adapter fits securely on the Tecan deck and is designed with a mounting structure that allows various adapters to be attached with screws.  Here it is shown with the most popular microplate nests in the landscape orientation creating a 3 position flat microplate carrier.  These nests may also be mounted in portrait on the same adapter plate.


2 Nests mounted in portrait

Another typical configuration is to use the base plate with standoffs to create the raised microplate carrier which can also be configured for hanging diti tip racks as shown below.


Raised microplate carrier

Diti carriers 3 position

Diti Carrier 3 position







The rugged milled design, precision manufacturing, and re-configurability makes the Konnis Modular Deck Carriers an exceptional value.


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Raised Microplate and Diti Carriers

Raised microplate and diti carriers

Diti carrier, flat carrier, raised microplate carrier

Our milled carriers for microplates and disposable tips are designed and built for durability and accuracy.  Essential features for use on automated liquid handling instruments.  Here shown on a Tecan liquid handler.  Get a quote!

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PCR Microplate Temperature Adapter

PCR Plate temp adapter for Tecan incubator

Temp microplate adapter with and without the PCR plate

incubator with PCR microplate adapter

Temp Adapter in position inside the Tecan incubator with PCR plate

The Konnis microplate temperature adapter was designed to reside in the Tecan incubator to maintain optimal temperature.

The micro plates are then moved in and out of the incubator by the RoMa arm that sets the plate on the adapter which is at temperature delivering maximum heat transfer in the shortest length of time to the samples.

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96 Position Temp Block 4ml vials

96 position 6x16 temperature controlled block for Tecan deck

6 x 16 position 4ml vial Temp Block Carrier

The Konnis 96 position, 6 x 16, temp block carrier for 4ml vials fits the Tecan deck mounted temp control adapter.  The aluminum carrier maintains temperature during automated processing. (shown in blue anodized aluminum).  Handles and laser etched guides provide easy movement and correct placement on and off the deck. Also available in 8 x 12 configuration compatible with Thermo Fisher Isotemp digital dry bath.  See the full product page.

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Transfer Frame for the Bench

Transfer Frame Genetix Q tray auger colony Genetix Q tray auger colony transfer frame

This is a bench top transfer frame used to transfer Genetix Q tray auger colony contents to felt for imaging.  The handles and hollowed out underside allow for easily moving it about the lab.


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Pick and Place – variable grip fingers

PnP fingers, custom by Konnis

Fingers grip 8 ml – 20 ml vials

The Konnis designed Pick and Place fingers allow variable volume tubes to be used on the deck.  These fingers can grip from 8 ml to 20 ml tubes.  No need to change fingers as the labware varies.  Send Konnis your specifications and we can build a pair to meet your needs.

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Angled 16 Position Tube Rack

Konnis now has both the 96 position pitched tube carrier as well as a 16 position pitched tube rack. If you are concerned with aspirating 100% of the sample, learn more.

Angled 16 position tube rack       96 position tilted tube rack

16 position angled tube rack                          96 position angled tube carrier

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Weigh Station Tube Adapter

Konnis has just added another adapter to our Tube Carrier and Adapter parts designed and manufactured by Konnis.  The weigh station tube adapter is designed to hold a specific size tube for a Mettler balance.  The adapter design allows for full integration with an automation instrument for accurate weight measurement.  The adapter is shown here, below left, as a stand alone part.

Weight station tube adapterIntegrated balance with shieldPhoto to the right shows how the balance can be beneath the deck with turbulence shield.

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