Device Integration

There are a large number of devices that can be integrated to a liquid handing instrument in order to perform a specific assay.  Proper selection, placement and integration are key to successful automation of the process. Konnis offers hardward Device Drivers, to control hardware, and software File Formaters, to create compatible input files to processing systems.

Integration of hardware automation devices may occur on an existing instrument, or when purchasing a used instrument from Konnis. If the device driver does not already exist one can be written. Drivers are delivered as an executable to maintain flexibility and compatibility. Device drivers are used to control the device directly or through the instrument’s software. The modular structure of our software and hardware components produce a very maintainable instrument.

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Automation Devices.

Bar code scanner: PosID2, PosID3, Handheld Laser ID, Handheld CCD 1D/ 2D, Symbol mounted, Cognex Dataman 50, Cognex In-Sight ID

Capper / Decapper: Capit-All

Readers, washers: BioTek Plate washers, Softmax Plate Reader, Agilent Plate Sealer, Mettler weigh station

Sealer: PlateLoc Microplate Sealer

Shaker: Te-Shake, Variomag Teleshake, BioShake, centrifuge, Big Bear, Shaking Incubator 4 position or 6 position

Storage/Incubator: Te-Stack, Liconic, Cytomate, Carousal

Temp Control: Recirculating water baths (multiple sizes), temp deck carriers, thermocyclers

Device Drivers

Konnis has drivers for many devices.  If we do not already have the driver, we can write it.  Browse list of Konnis device drivers.

Drivers are available for the following devices: Softmax Pro reader, Biotek Synergy Plate reader, Biotek ELX405 Plate washer, Big Bear Shaker, Agilent PlateLoc Thermal Microplate Sealer, Mettler SAG285/204 balance

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File Format Tools

Some assays rely heavily on sample tracking such as LC/MS  and NMR sample preparation.  Konnis builds File Format Tools that automate the liquid handler sample output file and reformat it for the analysis device.

A File Format Tool  tracks the samples through recording the barcode and tube location along with what was done to the sample, then maps the  input samples to the output tube or plate location and formats the file so the final system can directly use it as input.  The tool creases throughput and reduce human error.

  • Fmerge – Tracks and merges sample data for NMR system.
  • LC/MS Integrate – creates properly formated input file for LC/MS system.

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