PM Kits for Tecan

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PM Kits for Tecan Liquid Handlers

Preventative Maintenance (PM) is essential to the continued performance of your Tecan liquid handing instrument.  Each time a PM is performed there are certain components that must be replaced.  These parts are critical for the required precision and accuracy of the robot and can become worn or dirty due to normal use of the instrument.  Konnis PM kits  include parts sourced from trusted vendors, the OEM, as well as parts manufactured by Konnis at our facility in the USA.  All components of the kit are new Tecan compatible parts that undergo rigorous testing.  When ordering please indicate the tip type, syringe volume, and number of syringes required.

To learn more about  Konnis service offerings see our Service, Repair Programs.

Contents of a Preventative Maintenance Kit

Parts Included in the Konnis Standard PM Kit:

  • Diluter Valves
  • Syringes
  • Tips
  • Interconnect Tubing Assembly
  • LiHa Tubing Assembly
  • Chemical/Solvent resistant FAWA soft tubing
  • Chemical/Solvent Waste Tubing
  • Tubing Clips
  • Konnis PM Tip Guide

Must specify: Tip type, syringe type and size, low volume

Kits Differ - Disposable tip, Low volume

All Tecan systems are not configured the same.  There are a large variety of tip and syringe options that determine the configuration of the PM kit.  Prior to any shipment Konnis will need to know the tip type, syringe size, and number of syringes.  Since some tips require the use of Low Volume tubing, it is recommended to provide a picture of the current tip so that we can organize the correct PM Kit.

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