Script Support

EVOware script writing

EVOware Screenshot

If programmed correctly, Liquid handling robots are capable of reducing human error, increasing consistency and accuracy, alleviating repetitive injury, improving throughout, and improving over all efficiency within the lab.  Basic elements to consider are deck space, placement of devices, carriers for samples, as well as the amount and type of waste produced.  When timing is critical batch processing can also be a valuable tool to keep the throughput at an acceptable level.

Konnis can provide script support for:

  1. EVOware
  2. EVOware Plus
  3. Gemini
  4. Visual Basic 6
  5. Visual Basic .NET
  6. C#
  7. FACTS
  8. Logic
Tecan Gemini screen shot

Gemini Screenshot

Please contact Konnis to discuss your assay with an automation specialist.

Ask Konnis to write EVOware scripts, Gemini scripts, or a work list generator to get up and running quickly.

Tecan script support provided by Konnis will take you from validation to automation.

Liquid Classes

A critical part of the performance and accuracy of the instrument is properly  setting up the liquid classes for what and how you are pipetting.  Konnis can help set up liquid classes and teach you how to maintain them.

EVOware Script to aspirate and dispense

Liquid Class setup screenshot


Worklists are a powerful way to create pipetting scripts that take variable input data. Sample screen shots of common processes implemented through worklists:

Dilution worklist generator


Serial Dilution worklist

Serial Dilution

DNA Normalization


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