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EVOware script writingIf programmed correctly, Liquid handling robots are capable of reducing human error, increasing consistency and accuracy, alleviating repetitive injury and improving over all efficiency.  Basic elements to consider are deck space, placement of devices, carriers and samples, as well as the amount and type of waste produced.  When timing is critical batch processing can also be a valuable tool to keep the throughput at an acceptable level.

Konnis can provide script support for:

  1. EVOware
  2. EVOware Plus
  3. Gemini
  4. Visual Basic 6
  5. Visual Basic .NET
  6. C#
  7. FACTS
  8. Logic

Please contact Konnis and discuss your assay with an automation specialist to work through the most efficient automation of your assay.

Custom carriers, labware holders, and a well written script, can increase the value of an instrument. When scripting for multiple assays on one machine there is frequently a need for very specific carriers that enable maximum automation of the specific process.  In addition, to address the human element for accuracy and efficiency, Konnis designs carriers that are color coded and/or keyed to assist the scientist as they load and unload the deck. Take a look at examples of what we can make for you.

EVOware Script to aspirate and dispenseContact Konnis to discuss your assay and obtain a quotation for us to write the script for your process.

Konnis will take you from validation to automation.

Application Examples



  • DNA Normalization
  • PCR setup
  • PCR Cleanup
  • Real Time PCR
  • Forensics – DNA IQ


Drug Discovery

  • Hitpicking / Cherrypicking
  • Rearraying
  • IC50
  • High Throughput Screening (HTS)
  • Compound Weighing
  • Weigh Station / Dissolution
Kit Automation

  • Quiagen™
  • Qiaprep™
  • Agencourt™
  • Cleanseq™
  • Ampure™



  • Serial Dilutions
  • Elisa
  • Tube to Plate Dilution
  • Sample Preparation
Cell Based

  • Cell Feeding
  • Cell Splitting
  • Flow Cytometry Setup
  • Cell Maintenance
  • Cell Transfection



  • LCMS
  • Sample Preparation
  • Custom File Outputs (Agilent™)


Common processes:

Normalization Software


Dilution Worklist Generator 2


Dilution Worklist Generator




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