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Konnis® offers high quality consumables for liquid handling instruments which include disposable pipette tips, Preventative Maintenance (PM) kits, and disposable troughs for liquid handing robots.

Konnis supplies disposable automation tips for some of the most popular liquid handling instruments, including automation tips for Tecan and PerkinElmer arms.  Select the instrument manufacturer and then determine tips size and features.

Optional tip features include:

  • Conductive (Not applicable to Tecan MCA arm)
  • Filtered
  • Sterile


All tips are certified pure Human DNA Free, RNase free, DNase free, PCR inhibitor free. Tips are designed for robotic forces. When purchasing consumables from Konnis the customer is assured high quality parts that Konnis will stand behind.

Konnis is the only distributor of the unique dual use JVR Scientific tips.  This tip can be used for both the Tecan Liha and MCA arm.

JVR Scientific Tips

JVR Scientific’s tips are designed as an all in one product. Our tips will fit the following Robotic Pipettors:

  • Tecan™ MCA
  • Tecan™ Aquarius / Temo
  • Tecan™ Te-Stack
  • Tecan™ LiHA (JVR Scientific Tip Cone required)
  • Tecan™ GenMate
  • SBS footprint

Each plate of racked tips comes with a 96 deepwell plate. The plate acts as a storage container and a 96 deepwell for no additional charge.

PM Kits

Konnis PM Kits are used by our FSEs to perform our PM maintenance on Tecan Aquarius / Temo, Genesis, and EVO instruments.  We offer our PM kits for direct purchase with minimum volumes.

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