Pipette Tips

Automation pipette tips from Konnis are compatible with:

Disposable tips are made of polypropylene and available in a variety of tip volumes and options.  Tips are sold in the hanging rack format are not for use with the MCA arm.  (See JVR Scientific tips for tips compatible with both the Tecan LiHa and MCA arms)

Packaging Options:

Properties options:

Looking for MCA tips?    Would you like to use the same tips for your Liha and MCA arms? Select JVR Scientific tips under “Tecan MCA – LiHa”.

Carriers for tips

Disposable tip carrier - TecanSome automation tips are packaged in a hanging rack requiring a tip carrier on the deck.   Diti tip carriers come in 4 and 3 position carriers as well as a 2 position with a waste chute.  (The 4 position rack is less recommended for the Tecan instruments given it hangs over the depth of the deck requiring a cut out in the front panel.)  The waste chute also
requires a front panel cut out. The Low Diti eject is an option frequently used to assist in the disposal of the tips or when tips are reused.


Tips from Konnis are high quality disposable tips that are  designed and validated Hanging tip carriers for Tecan instrumentfor use on Liquid Handling Platforms to withstand robotic forces. Disposable tips are certified to be:

Liquid Classes

Konnis can help you set up you liquid classes for maximum pipetting efficiency.  Gravimetric testing is available up on request.

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