Tecan® liquid handling instruments are configurable. If you have an instrument and would like to add some additional functionality to a system you already own we could help. The Instruments can be configured with 1 of more arms depending on the model. With each arm having a certain functionality and range of motion it is essential to design the deck layout to make the most of your instrument and to consider all the assays you are looking to run. If you have a system that is unused, or underutilized we could help you reconfigure it for a different assay.

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Arm Configuration

The configuration of the arms is dependent upon the process to be performed.  For instance a library prep assay may only use  1 MCA96™ arm whereas a different process like cherry picking, ELISA, PCR setup, or PCR cleanup may need a LiHa™ 8 to pipette, and a RoMA™  and Pick & Place (PnP™) to move plates and tubes around the deck.  See the PnP fingers, custom by Konnisdetailed part

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