Hamilton® STARplus Liquid Handling System

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Dimension85"L x 31.3"W x 35.6" H
PowerLine Voltage: 100 – 240 VAC
Deck AccessoriesSelectable
CarriersOrdered separately
Number of grids71
TableExtruded Aluminum Table w/ locking wheels
Serial NumberIdentified at Purchase

Hamilton STARplus

Used Hamilton® STARplus liquid handling robot. The instrument includes an 8 channel pipetting arm with independent Y axis, and CORE™ Technology for tip mounting,  a 96 channel pipeting head with 1ml capacity, dual HEPA filter top with dial control,  barcode scanner, and an iSwap 5 axis gripper with paddle grippers are optional. The unit may include deck hardware: pipette tip racks, temperature controlled plate racks, tube racks, microplate racks, and 50mL temperature controlled tube rack. An extruded aluminum table with locking wheels is available with this unit. Application training is not available for Hamilton® instruments.

Available for this instrument:

  • 8 Channel Pipetting arm (LiHA)
  • 96 Channel Head
  • iSwap Gripper
  • Paddle Grippers
  • barcode scanner
  • HEPA filter
  • Integrated Table
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