Fixed Tip PM Kit

  • Syringes8 Specify Size : 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 ul
  • Diluter Valve 8
  • Tips8
  • Interconnect Tubing Assembly 8
  • Dispense Tubing Assembly 8 Specify if Low volume
  • Fast Walsh tubing DMSO resistant soft
  • Waste tubing DMSO resistant soft
  • Clips8
  • EVO Standard KK100ST
  • Genesis Standard KK200ST
  • EVO Low Volume KK100SLV
  • Genesis Low Volume KK200LV

Fixed Tip PM Kit


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Fixed Tip PM Kit

This PM Kit can be ordered for Tecan  Freedom EVO, Genesis Freedom, or Genesis RSP as standard or low volume.  Click on the “Part Number” tab to view the item to order.  (Minimum quantities required)

As there are differences between a PM kit for the EVO and Genesis it is important to provide an accurate description of the system including model.  In addition, the tip type, syringe volume, and tubing size may need to be identified as some systems are equipped with  low volume tubing.

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