Tecan® compatible Diti™ Chute 2 Position

  • Dimension Value / Sites 1 position
  • SBS/SLAS Compatible NA
  • Grid Usage 2
  • Compatible Consumable All sizes of racked or hanging tips: 50 ul, 100 ul, 200 ul, 1000ul
  • Compatible Instrument Tecan® – Freedom EVO™ series, Genesis™ series
  • Material Stainless steel
  • Power Requred NA
  • Finish NA
  • Konnis part number AP051703A
  • Compatible Part 10613013

Diti Chute 2 Position by Konnis


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Diti Chute 2 Position by Konnis

The Diti™ waste chute or slide comes with a collection bag and includes a cover.  The 2 position wide chute requires a 2 position wash station, sold separately.

2 position Chute Tecan deck







This narrow chute allows for a compact deck configuration where travel of the LiHa™ arm with used tips avoids passing over new tip racks.

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