Custom Pick and Place Fingers for Tecan® PnP™

  • Dimension Value / Sites NA
  • SBS/SLAS Compatible NA
  • Grid Usage NA
  • Compatible Instrument Tecan® – Freedom EVO™ series
  • Material Milled aluminum
  • Power Requred NA
  • Finish Anodized
  • Konnis part number K021234C
  • Compatible part NA

Pick and Place Fingers


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Pick and Place Fingers

This example of Pick and Place (PnP™) milled custom aluminum fingers grip from 8 ml to 20 ml tubes.  Anodized green with rubber coating to pad contact with glass vial.  Replace standard Pick and Place fingers with Konnis customer fingers to increase the types of labware handled by the PnP™ arm.  Finger designs able to grip from a Minitube size up to 50mL tube.

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