Tecan® PosID2™ for sale

  • Dimension Value / Sites NA
  • SBS/SLAS Compatible Yes
  • Grid Usage NA
  • Compatible Consumable NA
  • Compatible Instrument Tecan® – Genesis RSP, Genesis, EVO1 decks, with Gemini™ and EVOware™
  • Material NA
  • Power Requred 24 V/DC
  • Finish NA
  • Konnis part number NA
  • Compatible part 30013584, 30013581



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The PosID2™ is no longer in production.  It has a wider rail bed and there is only compatible with Genesis RSP™, Genesis™, and EVO™ decks (version 1).  We are able to provide repair and refurbishment on your system contact us if you have a system you would like repaired.

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