Shaker Adapter

  • Dimension Value / Sites 1 position
  • SBS/SLAS Compatible No
  • Grid Usage 6
  • Compatible Consumable Deepwell Microplate
  • Compatible Instrument Tecan – Freedom EVO series, Genesis series
  • Material Aluminum
  • Power Requred NA
  • Finish Anodized, color black
  • Konnis (Big Bear) NA
  • Konnis (TE-Shake) NA

Shaker Adapter by Konnis


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Shaker Adapter by Konnis

The Konnis designed adapter is designed for a secure fit of a deepwell or standard plat on either the Big Bear Shaker or the TE-Shake automation device.  Selection of a shaker is driven by the assay specifications.  Compact form factor such as SBS may be another consideration. Made of milled aluminum fitted to the specific shaker, adapters mount the device itself to the deck or 3 position carrier.  Please call to discuss your requirements.

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