Rebushed Tecan® Genesis 100 for sale

  • Dimension42.3
  • PowerLine Voltage: 100 – 240 VAC
  • ArmsConfigurable: LiHa, RoMa
  • Deck AccessoriesSelectable: PosID2, Reader, weigh station, hotel, carousel, Low Diti Eject, temp control, centrifuge
  • FastwashOptional - recommended
  • CarriersOrdered separately
  • Number of grids30
  • ControllerWindows PC, mouse, keyboard, monitor
  • SoftwareSelectable: Gemini
  • TableExtruded Aluminum Table w/ locking wheels, optional
  • ModelGenesis 100
  • Serial Number Identified at Purchase

Tecan Genesis 100


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Tecan Genesis 100

The used Tecan® Genesis 100 liquid handling robot is particularly popular in labs where space is at a premium. The Genesis™ 100 includes an 8 channel pipetting arm with independent z-axis movement and symmetrically variable y-axis tip spacing configured as either standard or disposable tips. Optional arms include the RoMa™ arm.   Depending on the assay there is an array of deck hardware that may be configured and integrated onto the instrument.   These include barcode scanners, shaker, deck storage, temperature control stations, reader, and weigh station, for example.  There is typically a requirement for some number of carriers to  hold various types of plates, tips, or tubes.  This instrument is configured with a Windows computer.  An extruded aluminum table with locking wheels is available.  All instruments are fully refurbished in excellent condition and come with a warranty. Application training is also included and may be extended to assist in specific script development.

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