Tecan® model Incubator

  • Dimension Value / Sites 6 positions or 4 position
  • SBS/SLAS Compatible Yes
  • Grid Usage NA
  • Compatible Consumable SBS microplates, Deep-well plates (4 position)
  • Compatible Instrument Tecan – Freedom EVO series, Genesis series
  • ManufacturerTecan®
  • Power Requred 24 V/DC
  • Finish NA
  • Konnis part number 10612679
  • Compatible part NA

Used Tecan®Incubator for sale


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Used Tecan®Incubator for sale

The incubator is a 6 position incubator

  • Ambient to 37, 46, 60°C
  • With or without shaking
  • Requires a Tecan instrument for power and communication
  • Individual slot doors
  • Heating through ceramic wafer in base of each slot
  • Slots are individually temp controlled
  • Unit shakes as one assembly

4 position incubator options include the above plus gas inlets for CO2 or N2 circulation.

Maximize heat transfer with the Konnis PCR microplate temp adapter.

Get maximum heat transfer in minimum time.  Show above in incubator where it stays at temperature.

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