Liconic® Storage Incubator

  • Dimension Value / Sites NA
  • SBS/SLAS Compatible Yes
  • Grid Usage NA
  • Compatible Consumable SBS adapters
  • Compatible Instrument Tecan®, Hamilton®, Beckman®, Perkin Elmer® or other system with integrated gripper
  • Material NA
  • Power Requred 24 V/DC
  • Finish NA
  • Konnis part number NA
  • Compatible part NA

Liconic® Incubator storage for Sale


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Liconic® Incubator storage for Sale

This Liconic® incubator has 2 towers in the unit. Quote needed for system .   Sold on first come first serve basis. As-is.

  • stores plates with direct integration to your liquid handling instrument
  • Random Access
  • Temperature control
  • Can store microplates or deepwells ( with lids)
  • Useful for Cell culture automation

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