Tecan Carousel™

  • Dimension Value / Sites configurable
  • SBS/SLAS Compatible No
  • Grid Usage NA
  • Compatible Consumable SBS plates
  • Compatible Instrument Tecan® – Freedom EVO™ series, Genesis™ series
  • Material NA
  • Power Requred 24 V/DC supplied from Instrument
  • Finish NA
  • Konnis part number 10612679
  • Compatible part NA

Tecan® Carousel™ for Sale


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Tecan® Carousel™ for Sale

The Tecan® Carousel HS™ provides mass storage of plates easily accessible to the instrument.    Sold on first come first serve basis. as-is

  • Capacity for 189 microplates with lids, or over 60 deepwells.
  • Random access
  • With or without barcode scanning

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