Pick and Place – variable grip fingers

PnP fingers, custom by Konnis

Fingers grip 8 ml – 20 ml vials

The Konnis designed Pick and Place fingers allow variable volume tubes to be used on the deck.  These fingers can grip from 8 ml to 20 ml tubes.  No need to change fingers as the labware varies.  Send Konnis your specifications and we can build a pair to meet your needs.

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Angled 16 Position Tube Rack

Konnis now has both the 96 position pitched tube carrier as well as a 16 position pitched tube rack. If you are concerned with aspirating 100% of the sample, learn more.

Angled 16 position tube rack       96 position tilted tube rack

16 position angled tube rack                          96 position angled tube carrier

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Weigh Station Tube Adapter

Konnis has just added another adapter to our Tube Carrier and Adapter parts designed and manufactured by Konnis.  The weigh station tube adapter is designed to hold a specific size tube for a Mettler balance.  The adapter design allows for full integration with an automation instrument for accurate weight measurement.  The adapter is shown here, below left, as a stand alone part.

Weight station tube adapterIntegrated balance with shieldPhoto to the right shows how the balance can be beneath the deck with turbulence shield.

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New Inova Slide Carrier

Inova slide deck to bench carrierTake a look at the new Inova slide carrier designed and manufactured by Konnis.   This carrier holds up to 24 slides with handles providing a portable solution to automate assays involving slides.  Request a quote directly from the product page!

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Liquid Handling Robot Videos

We have a new Konnis Youtube Channel that will showcase our products and favorite automation videos. Take a look at the video below to learn more about how Konnis can create products to your specifications!


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NEW Konnis Logo!

We’re happy to announce that in addition to our new website by Verse Media, we have a whole new look including a new logo. Take a look at the new Konnis logo below and let us know what you think of our new branding in the comments below, thank you!

Konnis Liquid Handling Systems

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Welcome to the new Konnis Website!

Microplate SBS adapterWelcome to the brand new Konnis website! Take a moment to browse our Liquid Handling Instruments for Sale or information on our Services and Repairs. You can also check out our Consumables offerings and more!

We have been hard at work making this website as informative as possible, but if you still have questions, feel free to contact us with your inquiries!

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