Tax Deduction for 2018, act now

As we are nearing the end of Q1 2018, it is not too early to start thinking and acting  upon the Section 179 Deduction.

This deduction is good on new and used equipment, as well as off-the-shelf software.  Start to educate yourself now.  Take action early. Reap the benefits of your equipment and the tax deduction in 2018.

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Announcing Konnis Modular Deck Carriers

Konnis has designed a modular deck adapter base plate that can be reconfigured with different carriers for various purposes.  The black flat base plate adapter fits securely on the Tecan deck and is designed with a mounting structure that allows various adapters to be attached with screws.  Here it is shown with the most popular microplate nests in the landscape orientation creating a 3 position flat microplate carrier.  These nests may also be mounted in portrait on the same adapter plate.


Close up of SBS trough adapter

SBS Trough adapter in center position of carrier



2 Nests mounted in portrait


Another typical configuration is to use the base plate with standoffs to create the raised microplate carrier which can also be configured for hanging diti tip racks as shown below.



Raised microplate carrier

Diti carriers 3 position

Diti Carrier 3 position












The rugged milled design, precision manufacturing, and re-configurability makes the Konnis Modular Deck Carriers an exceptional value.

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Raised Microplate and Diti Carriers

Diti carrier, flat carrier, raised microplate carrier

Our milled carriers for microplates and disposable tips are designed and built for durability and accuracy.  Essential features for use on automated liquid handling instruments.  Here shown on a Tecan liquid handler.  Get a quote!

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Transfer Frame for the Bench

This is a bench top transfer frame used to transfer Genetix Q tray auger colony contents to felt for imaging.  The handles and hollowed out underside allow for easily moving it about the lab.

Genetix Q tray auger colony transfer frame

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NEW Konnis Logo!

We’re happy to announce that in addition to our new website by Verse Media, we have a whole new look including a new logo. Take a look at the new Konnis logo below and let us know what you think of our new branding in the comments below, thank you!

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Welcome to the new Konnis Website!

Welcome to the brand new Konnis website! Take a moment to browse our Liquid Handling Instruments for Sale or information on our Services and Repairs. You can also check out our Consumables offerings and more!

We have been hard at work making this website as informative as possible, but if you still have questions, feel free to contact us with your inquiries!

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