Is a Tecan Genesis compatible with Windows 7?

We recently came across a customer who had this question and was convinced the only solution was to purchase a new instrument.  They had been told that a Genesis instrument was not compatible with Windows 7.  We wanted to set the record straight.  The answer is: YES, a Genesis automated liquid handler running Gemini is compatible with Windows 7.

Windows 7 for Gemini

There is no need to purchase a new instrument.  You simply need a computer running Windows 7 with the appropriate communication ports to support the Tecan Genesis instrument.  The Win7 PC should be installed with Gemini, then move over your instrument configuration folder.  It’s very straight forward.  If you need assistance Konnis can supply the correct PC and switch your Genesis instrument over to Windows 7 for you.

There are various reasons you may need a new liquid handler, but moving off of Windows XP is not one of them.  Let us know if you need help, email  Konnis also offers service and maintenance plans for your Tecan Genesis instrument.

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