Designed for Deck Density

Regardless of the labware your assay requires it is important to maximize the usable space of your deck.  The challenge is to optimize every square centimeter while addressing restrictions like common range of the pipetting arm and installed automation devices.  Another tactic that helps with optimization of space are carriers that can handle multiple tube sizes. This not only allows you to pack the deck but also simplifies the variety of carriers needed for your assays.

A recent challenge brought to us was fitting sixteen (16) 5ml or 15ml tubes into a single grid strip rack for the Tecan EVO deck.

16 positions was important since with an 8 tip pipette arm multiples of 8 are the easiest and most efficient way to program.  The only available option was a 12 positions rack and therefore required more grids to hold the 192 tubes required by the assay (1 grid per strip rack, a difference of 4 additional girds) to hold the same number of tubes on the deck.  In addition, the 5ml tube was a specific design that had a protruding ridge just below the threads.

Konnis created a new design that accommodated all specifications:

  • Holds both the Eppendorf 5ml and 15ml tubes
  • Accommodates 16 tubes in one strip rack
  • Adheres to the common range restrictions of the Liha 8 arm
  • Allows for a PosID bar code reader to be mount on the deck (although not used with this rack)
  • Easy to load and unload from deck
  • Durable


Making the most of the space of your liquid handling instrument is crucial to the optimization and throughput of your assay.

Contact us to discuss your assay and let us design density into your deck layout!

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Is a Tecan Genesis compatible with Windows 7?

We recently came across a customer who had this question and was convinced the only solution was to purchase a new instrument.  They had been told that a Genesis instrument was not compatible with Windows 7.  We wanted to set the record straight.  The answer is: YES, a Genesis automated liquid handler running Gemini is compatible with Windows 7.

Windows 7 for Gemini

There is no need to purchase a new instrument.  You simply need a computer running Windows 7 with the appropriate communication ports to support the Tecan Genesis instrument.  The Win7 PC should be installed with Gemini, then move over your instrument configuration folder.  It’s very straight forward.  If you need assistance Konnis can supply the correct PC and switch your Genesis instrument over to Windows 7 for you.

There are various reasons you may need a new liquid handler, but moving off of Windows XP is not one of them.  Let us know if you need help, email  Konnis also offers service and maintenance plans for your Tecan Genesis instrument.

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Announcing Konnis Modular Deck Carriers

Konnis has designed a modular deck adapter base plate that can be reconfigured with different carriers for various purposes.  The black flat base plate adapter fits securely on the Tecan deck and is designed with a mounting structure that allows various adapters to be attached with screws.  Here it is shown with the most popular microplate nests in the landscape orientation creating a 3 position flat microplate carrier.  These nests may also be mounted in portrait on the same adapter plate.


Close up of SBS trough adapter

SBS Trough adapter in center position of carrier



2 Nests mounted in portrait


Another typical configuration is to use the base plate with standoffs to create the raised microplate carrier which can also be configured for hanging diti tip racks as shown below.



Raised microplate carrier

Diti carriers 3 position

Diti Carrier 3 position












The rugged milled design, precision manufacturing, and re-configurability makes the Konnis Modular Deck Carriers an exceptional value.

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