• Tecan LiHa


      These automation pipette tips are compatible with Tecan® tips for use with the LiHa 1, LiHa 4 & LiHa 8 pipetting arms. Disposable hanging rack tips require tip carriers for the deck. If deck space is at a premium, stacked tips may be an option. Note filtered or barrier tips can not be stacked. Hanging Racks: 96 tips per rack,…

    • Tecan MCA96, Temo


      Tecan rack compatible tips for the MCA96 or TeMo Rack: 96/rk, 10 rk/pk, 5 pk/case, 4800 tips Nested: 96/rk, 8 wafer/stack, 10 stacks/case, 7680 tip Variations: Clear Clear Sterile Filtered

    • Tecan® Carousel™ for Sale


      The Tecan® Carousel HS™ provides mass storage of plates easily accessible to the instrument.    Sold on first come first serve basis. as-is Capacity for 189 microplates with lids, or over 60 deepwells. Random access With or without barcode scanning

    • Tecan® Genesis 200


      The used Tecan® genesis 200 liquid handling system is shown with 2 arms, recirculating water bath, shaker, plate reader, plate washer, storage and birdfeeder trough, all selectable devices. The Genesis™ 200 includes an 8 channel pipetting arm with independent z-axis movement and symmetrically variable y-axis tip spacing configured as either standard or disposable tips. Optional arms include the RoMa™ arm…

    • Teflon Trough 1 L by Konnis


      1 Liter Teflon trough for reagents comes with lid. Uses two bottom rails.

    • TeMo Microplate Carrier – by Konnis


      Custom Konnis improved Temo microplate adapter. MATERIAL: Aluminum Reduce Human error The instrument is only good as the researcher who is setting up the runs. Human error can be greatly reduced by implementing creative labeling of carriers.  These SBS compatible carriers use the following keying: Color code Plate position labels Underside placement key Konnis will customize your carriers for any…

    • Temp Block Carrier by Konnis


      Konnis 96 position, 8×12, temp block carrier fits two carriers per Isotemp unit.  Carriers easily move from temperature device to deck. Compatible with Tecan Freedom EVO series, Genesis series. (shown in green anodized aluminum) Konnis 96 position, 6 x 16, temp block carrier fits deck mounted temp control adapter. Maintains temperature during automated processing. (shown in blue anodized aluminum)

    • Temp Controlled Carrier


      3 position temperature controlled carrier.  Requires a recirculating water bath. Check out our custom adapters and carriers that are used for temperature control.

    • ThermoMixer Adapter by Konnis


      The Konnis designed thermomixer adapter is designed for a secure fit of the Eppendorf Thermomixer on the deck of a Tecan instrument.  Made of milled aluminum with handles makes the adapter both sturdy and easy to move.  The adapter requires two 3 position flat microplate carriers for positioning on the deck.

    • Transfer Frame by Konnis


      Transfer frame is a bench top station used in transfer of Genetix Q tray auger colony contents to felt for imaging. The Konnis designed frame added handles for easy movement around the lab, plus hollowed out under side to help reduce overall weight.  Culture Dish is 245mm Square.

    • Trough Adapter by Konnis


      The Konnis 3D printed adapter provides structure and support to the white injection molded 8 position trough.  The adapter provides a rigid holder for the trough so it can be easily moved by hand or the RoMa arm.  The adapter fits into the SBS nests of the 3 or 4 position Konnis carriers.

    • Tube plus cap 1.5 ml adapter 96 by Konnis


      This milled aluminum 1.5ml tube adapter has a snap cap hold back receptacles to allow for reuse of tube caps. The 96 position tray ensures fast, easy placement of 1.5ml Eppendorf tubes accurately on the deck. The design can be modified to accommodate other tube sizes. Layout 6 x 16 position.

    • Tube plus cap adapter by Konnis


      This milled aluminum  tube adapter has a snap cap hold back channel to allow for reuse of tube caps.  The SBS footprint ensures easy placement on a 3 or 4 position carrier for accurate deck location. The SBS form factor can hold either 24, 1.5ml Eppendorf tubes, or 18, 5ml Eppendorf tubes.

    • Tube Rack 50ml


      This 8 position tube rack has a tab handle for easy transfer on and off the deck.  Not compatible with PosID automated bar code scanner. For use on the bench or deck.  29mm tubes or smaller.

    • Used Tecan® Vac-S™ for sale


      The Tecan® TE-Vac™ (preowned) can be integrated directly with the liquid handling instrument to facilitate automation of cartridge-based filtration and/or solid phase extraction (SPE) processes.

    • Used Tecan®Incubator for sale


      The incubator is a 6 position incubator Ambient to 37, 46, 60°C With or without shaking Requires a Tecan instrument for power and communication Individual slot doors Heating through ceramic wafer in base of each slot Slots are individually temp controlled Unit shakes as one assembly 4 position incubator options include the above plus gas inlets for CO2 or N2…

    • VWR Heating Block


      Konnis makes the 3 position carrier that fits the VWR dry block heater module.  It may be place on or off deck of Tecan Freedom EVO series, Genesis series.

    • Weigh Station Tube Adapter by Konnis


      The weigh station tube adapter comes in a variety of sizes for use with the Mettler balance.  Each size has been engineered to allow the robotic arm to move tubes in and out of the weigh station adapter without disturbing the balance.  The adapter can also be manufacturer to hold two tube sizes as seen above in the black adapter.…

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