Microplate Nest

  • Dimension Value / Sites 1
  • SBS/SLAS Compatible Yes
  • Grid Usage 6
  • Compatible Consumables Microplate, tip block, Adapters
  • Compatible Instrument Tecan – Freedom EVO series, Genesis series
  • MaterialAluminum
  • PowerNA
  • FinishAnodized, color selectable
  • KonnisK041607A
  • Compatible Part 10613038,010613037

Microplate Nest by Konnis


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Microplate Nest by Konnis

The Konnis Microplate nest is an improved nest for a liquid handling instrument deck, compatible with Tecan nest.  Precision milled in USA, milled form non-ferromagnetic aluminum and SBS compatible.

Engraved locations and colored anodizing are optional.

Reduce Human Error

The instrument is only good as the researcher who is setting up the runs. Human error can be greatly reduced by implementing creative labeling of nests.  These SBS compatible nests use the following keying options:

  • Color code
  • Plate position labels
  • Underside placement key

Konnis will customize your nests and carriers for any specific assay.

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