PCR microplate adapter

  • Dimension Value / Sites 96 position microplate
  • SBS/SLAS Compatible Yes
  • Grid Usage 6
  • Compatible Consumables non skirted PCR plate
  • Compatible Instruments Tecan, TE-Shake, Hamilton, Beckman, PerkinElmer, benchtop
  • Material Aluminum
  • Power Required NA
  • Finish Anodized , laser marked
  • Konnis K071605A

PCR microplate adapter fits Non Skirted PCR plate


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PCR microplate adapter fits Non Skirted PCR plate

The 96 position PCR microplate adapter is optimized for heat transfer to a non skirted PCR plate well shape.  Aluminum material and tapered holes provides maximum heat transfer to the wells.  The SBS form factor is compatible with the Tecan T-Shake with raised center plate.  Well dimensions can be designed for other plates.  Aluminum can be color anodized to order, default is black.

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