Konnis PCR microplate adapter

  • Dimension Value / Sites Standard 96 well
  • SBS/SLAS Compatible Yes
  • Compatible Consumables 96 PCR Plate
  • Compatible Instrument All SBS form factor nests
  • MaterialMilled Aluminum
  • Power Requirement NA
  • FinishAnodized, Color selectable
  • Grid Usage See adapter plate
  • Konnis Standard height K061303A
  • Compatible Part 30011872

PCR Microplate Adapter – by Konnis


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PCR Microplate Adapter – by Konnis

Konnis PCR microplate adapters are made of high quality aluminum and milled for accuracy.  Aluminum is durable, conducts heat as well as cold and can be anodized to assist in human interaction to more easily locate plates.  The 96 well PCR adapter comes in standard height or 1″ extra tall. Essential for non-skirted PCR plates to provide rigidity and ability for gripper arm to move the plate. Aluminum PCR adapter plates can be frozen and used with PCR micro plates to keep samples chilled on the deck.  They can also be used with a temp control element to maintain a particular temperature range. Compatible with Tecan Freedom EVO series, Genesis series, Fluent, Hamilton, Beckman.

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