PCR 384 Microplate Adapter

  • Dimension Value / Sites 1
  • SBS/SLAS Compatible Yes
  • Grid Usage NA
  • Compatible Consumable PCR 384 well plate
  • Compatible Instrument All SBS form factor nests
  • MaterialAluminum
  • Power Required NA
  • FinishAnodized
  • KonnisK051610A
  • Compatible Part NA

PCR 384 Microplate Adapter- By Konnis


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PCR 384 Microplate Adapter- By Konnis

The PCR 384 well microplate Adapter was designed to fit close to the surface area of the wells wells to maximize temperature transfer.  The SBS form factor allows this adapter to be used on any liquid handler with SBS nest locations, for example; Tecan Genesis, EvO, Fluent, Hamilton, Beckman.  Wings were added for secure positioning when the plates are moved in and out of the incubator by the RoMa arm.

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